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    CS2 Premiere Pro and After Effects

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      I am a student at TAFE in Australia.  TAFE, like many institutions have insufficient funds to upgrade their software.  Anyone that knows Premiere Pro and After Effects will be aware that these programs do not save down to previous versions.  Premiere Pro will not even open output from older versions (i.e. CS3 will not open CS2 output).  I own both CS3 and CS4 versions of these products, but failed a unit last semester, because I couldn't find a copy of CS2 and could not complete my assigments to deadline.  Adobe won't help me.  No retailer can provide a copy of CS2, so I am now appealing to anyone who can assist.


      Can anyone provide a CS2 version of Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.


      I own both a Macintosh and a PC, but because Premiere Pro on the Macintosh cannot produce AVI files I would prefer to get PC version of that software.  I use Audition (a sound editor for those that don't use it) and have found that Quicktime movies will import into Audition, but when they export they don't have any audio content.


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          Might want to check your duplicate post in the CS4 Forum.


          Hope that my suggestion works for you. It has worked perfectly for me with many versions of PrPro, so long as I am going from older versions to a new version.


          Good luck, and hope that the semester is a good one.




          PS, if it does work, can I get "points" for all three posts?


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            Thanks for your suggestions, but I have tried to open CS2 files in CS3 and I think I also tried to import them.  I have a Macintosh version and from other notes on this forum I think that might be the problem.  Macintosh software may not open or import output from older versions of the software.  Another failure of Macintosh applications as I stated before is the inability to generate AVI output.

            Adobe may well limit software to operate only in one version to generate income.  They force users to upgrade constantly this way.  What they don't account for, is that large institutions with multiple licences can't afford to do this, many institutions use much older software (Adobe and Microsoft) and as long as software does the job, don't feel the need to upgrade.  So users get caught between the two.  Adobe should enable users to access older copies, but deliberately restrict access for obvious reasons.  They don't do themselves any favours though, because if users can't use the newer software they won't buy it.  I see no value in upgrading if I can't open older files in the new software.

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              Can anyone assist?


              These are the versions of Premiere (I assume ... Pro) I found on the "old software website" (http://www.emsps.com/oldtools/a/adobe.htm#premiere, suggested by one of forum members) but I don't know which, if any, equates to CS2 or would interface with CS2 level applications.  One forum member said that there was no equivalent version for the Macintosh until CS3, if that is true then it is possible that none of these versions are old enough to suit my purpose.


              Premiere 4.0 for Mac, Education license, CD and 3.5"

              Premiere 4.0 for Windows, manual sonly, no software

              Premiere 4.2 for Mac, manuals only, no software

              Premiere 4.2 for Windows, CD only

              Premiere 5.0 Upgrade, CD

              Premier 6.5, CD

              Not overly hopeful

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                I have a Macintosh


                There's your problem.  Come back into the light (PC) and all will be well again.

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                  Unfortunately, none of those will do it for you. You will want Premiere Pro 2.0, which will be available only for the PC. That will allow you to edit the other PrPro 2.0 Projects, plus you can Open older Projects from either the Mac or PC into PrPro 2.0 on the PC.


                  PrPro CS3, on a PC, will allow you to open the PrPro 2.0 Projects, plus the older Projects from either the PC or Mac, BUT then the output from it cannot be used on any of your institution's PrPro 2.0 (only) PC's. Were I in your exact situation with some machines being PC and running older copies of Premiere Pro, and also some Mac's running CS3, and/or CS4, for greatest compatibility, I'd set up a PC and install PrPRO 2.0 and also CS3. This would allow that one machine to output to the other PrPRO 2.0 machines from PrPRO, but would also allow one to Open older Projects in CS3, where they could then go to the Mac's for work. IMPORTANT - remember that once a Project has been Opened in a later version and Saved, it cannot be used by a machine (Mac, or PC), that is using ONLY an older version of the program.


                  You will want to make sure that you go for Premiere Pro. The Pro is very important, and be aware, as per your list, that numbers were reused, though the name became Premiere Pro.


                  Good luck,



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                    Well, now it is clear WHICH program I need, can anyone suggest WHERE I can get it.  The versions I listed, were all that I could find on the "old software" website suggested by one of the forum members.  I would gladly set up Premiere Pro 2.0 on the PC as suggested, and as soon as I have a copy I will do so.  As I said I do have both platforms.  Just no software, unfortunately.  It is not looking too hopeful at the moment.  Adobe won't help me, can anyone else?

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                      Other than eBay, with the normal caveats, I'd contact the IT department of your institution. They probably have muli-seat licenses, and if all are not being used, should be able to set up and Activate one of those licenses for your machine. If they do not have any unused licenses, I'll bet that Adobe Sales would find a way to sell them one more at a very fair price. I have always found Adobe Sales to be very accommodating and willing to please an existing client, especially one with existing multi-licenses. It would only be the creation of a new S/N on Adobe's part, and then the Activation. Should not even involve media, as the institution should already have that. Let the institution make the contact, as they are the license owners and also good clients of Adobe's.


                      Good luck, and let us know how it goes,



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                        No credit card, but thanks.