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    CS2 Premiere Pro and After Effects

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      I am a student at TAFE in Australia.  TAFE, like many institutions have insufficient funds to upgrade their software.  Anyone that knows Premiere Pro and After Effects will be aware that these programs do not save down to previous versions.  Premiere Pro will not even open output from older versions (i.e. CS3 will not open CS2 output).  I own both CS3 and CS4 versions of these products, but failed a unit last semester, because I couldn't find a copy of CS2 and could not complete my assigments to deadline.  Adobe won't help me.  No retailer can provide a copy of CS2, so I am now appealing to anyone who can assist.


      Can anyone provide a CS2 version of Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.


      I own both a Macintosh and a PC, but because Premiere Pro on the Macintosh cannot produce AVI files I would prefer to get PC version of that software.  I use Audition (a sound editor for those that don't use it) and have found that Quicktime movies will import into Audition, but when they export they don't have any audio content.


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          I'm sorry. My AE7/ PPro CS2 stuff is part of my updates on top of updates line or else I would gladly give it up. I can of course provide the installers, so you can run this stuff as trials, but that will not help you much once they have timed out and of course it does not include all features. Have you sent an inquiry to sites like Usedsoft or Retrosoft? Maybe they cabn dig up some of that old stuff...