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    Team Plug-ins



      I'm used to using the VSS plugin for Eclipse to link my CF files to a VSS database. However, it seems I can't just add the plugin to the CF Builder plugin folder as I would do on Eclipse.  I have also tried installation CF Builder as a plugin into my existing Eclipse, but apparently it's not a valid Eclipse installation.


      Is there any way around this, and is there any expectation of including Team plugins in a later release?



      Mike Horne

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          Evelin Varghese


          From where are you downloading the vss plugin?.

          If its from sorceforge,you just have to download the zip file and extract that to plugins directory of CFBuilder.

          Restart CFBuilder and  then Go To Window->Show View->Other .You will get Vss views listed there and you can open them.

          As for installing CFBuilder as plugin to eclipse,the eclipse version should be 3.4.

          If you have eclipse directory structure as follows




          In the CFBuilder Installer you should choose <ptah>/eclipse as the eclipse dirctory and you should be able to install cfbuilder as a plugin to eclipse.




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            recantha Level 1

            Thank you - you're my hero :-)