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    Audio problems with Adobe Presenter

    Jesst124 Level 1



      I recently had Adobe presenter installed on my windows XP machine.  Adobe presenter is set up to run through powerpoint 2003.


      I recorded all of the audio as mp3 files straight onto my machine (although there were a few issues such as intermittent sound).  When I have accessed the quiz manager section to record some audio there, it crashed my machine and removed all of the audio from the whole presentation (luckily I had the audio files saved somewhere else!!).  I then went back into the presentation and tried re-importing all of the audio back in.  again, when I accessed the quiz manager the same thing happened again....


      Has anyone else experienced the same problems?  I have spoken to Adobe and they said that it is down to the compatibiliy of Adobe Presenter/powerpoint and that I should find a workaround so was wondering if any one had any hints..