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    CFBuilder system requirements

    Ron.Stewart Level 1

      Having looked over the system requirements for the CFBuilder 9 beta -- which I assume won't change significantly from the final release -- I have a couple of questions:


      1. Will Mac OS X PPC support be offered?

      2. Will support for the current version of Eclipse be offered?

      3. Will support for Linux be offered? (It isn't listed with the other OSs on the system requirements section, but it would seem logical given the underlying Eclipse platform.)


      Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to giving the beta a run, but the above questions point to two of the four platforms I work on on a daily basis (Linux, and Mac OS X PPC) not being supported, as well as the need to drop back from the current version of Eclipse (which I'm not at all excited about).

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          hemant_k Employee Moderator

          Unfortunately Mac OS X PPC & Linux are not supported platform. We are still evaluating support for eclipse 3.5

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            Ron.Stewart Level 1

            @hemant_k: Thanks for the quick follow-up. Perhaps a little more clarification? "Not supported platform[s]" as in "not supported for the beta program" or as in "no plans to support"? Given that Eclipse runs well on both of the two platforms I've enquired about, perhaps a brief explanation of why those two platforms aren't/won't be supported?

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              hemant_k Employee Moderator

              These are currenlty not targeted for the final release and we haven't done much testing on the same.



              Hemant Khandelwal

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                Ron.Stewart Level 1

                @hemant_k: Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the quick response.

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                  That sucks that we got a professional IDE based on technologies that spanned from the Linux/Unix world and to top it off it almost even works on Linux too....



                  I got Eclipse 3.4 under Ubuntu 9.04 to load some of the features and plugins by following the above script - I am able to create project, Apply CF nature and it shows me some of the menus (create CF File) and editor works for existing files, however, I haven't been able to get it fully working yet (no new CFComponent, CFInterface menus and I haven't tried to get RDS going but it defenitely has potential. Let's hope that when it gets released someone will at least figure out how to assemble it all under Linux.


                  Although I know there are a million Linux distributions out there, it looks like Ubuntu is one of the most widely used among web developers as well as SuSE and Red Hat/Fedora for enterprise users. All these distributions are very well put together and fairly consistent for linux distros. How hard it is to support Ubuntu and Eclipse for Linux? Eclipse already works better on Linux than on Windows. The above article proves that the work you've put in to the Windows version of CFBuilder already amost works on Linux.


                  How hard would it be to at least provide us with a buggy features and plugins archive that we can add to our Eclipse installation. Here's to hope for an out-of-band, true multi-platform release based on Eclipse 3.5...