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    datagrid with a datadriven combox




      I would like to implement a datagrid with a datadriven combox.

      The database should store "only" values, but should show a different labeltext in the grid.

      When the users load this Grid the stores values should be uses to set the comboboxes.


      That sounds easy but I haven't found a easy way to implement that!


      1.) I need to overrite the "save column" function of the generated code from FB4b1, so that the shown labeltext is not saved, but its db-values.


      How can I do this?


      2.) I need to build the combox in the datagrid, but there is nnothing like"combox.value="myValID" ( that would be all in vb.net)

      Do I have to loop manually over the selectedIndex until I found my savedValue?




      Is there an easier way to do this?


      Thanks for any pointers!


      Martin Zach