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    Exporting/Save as Vector based logo in Illustrator for import into AfterEffects - fuzzy problems!

    rowby Level 1

      Hello all,


      I'm using After Effects CS4 and Illustrator CS4.


      I have a logo created in Illustrator that is an eps file.


      It was created for a small buisness card and is "small".  But it is entirely vector graphics.  No bitmaps so far as I can tell.  I can resize it in Illustrator all all remains crisp.


      But when I import it into after effects the illuistrator file into After Effects and enlarge it the image becomes "fuzzy". For example, I see aliasing in the fonts. Almost as if I were enlarging a jpg or a tif.   Any suggestions?  Are there specific save as or export settings I need to be aware of?


      For example should I export it as a different format.  I need the alpha channel.