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    Crawl Title in CS3 Premiere problem

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      Hello, I'm user of Premiere CS3 and have a problem making a crawl title of a certain length. I can positioning the text, setting size and color, but I only see excatly the first line I typed in. My text is longer and the range of the titleblock is set over my whole sequence from about 3 minutes. What is the reason that the rest of my text would not be appeard as crawl? For example my earlier application Avid Liquid did this without any problem, and I had no further thing to say. What I have to do, that the title crawl works?


      Thanks for a sonn answer




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          It is most likely a problem with your Text Block in Titler. Titles can have text that is off the screen, but the Text Block must be large enough to accommodate it. I find this a touch tricky in Titler. For Crawls and Rolls, with more text than will easily edit in Titler, I always create them in PS. PrPro will handle still images up to 4000 pxls. in the longest dimension. I use the File>New, and create per my Project Setting, usually DV NTSC 16:9 PAR 1.2. Then, I alter the dimension (H for Crawl, and V for Roll), as is needed, up to 4000 pxls. I save as .PSD and Import into PrPro as Footage (unless I wish to animate each Layer separately). Then, in PrPro's Effects Control Panel, I Keyframe Motion>Position. Because of the power and control of this method, I hardly ever use the Crawl, or Roll Preset animation, even for simple animated Titles.


          Titler is good, but it does have its limits. In your case, I would use the Selection Tool (Arrow) to show the Bounding Box of the Text Block, and drag the right-hand side off screen. That should get you going, without having to resort to my PS method. The size of the Text Block WILL truncate a longer line of text.


          Good luck,