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    Using servlet to generate xml




      I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this but hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction or answer my question.


      I am using swfchart 5.08.  I'm new to this but have read the documentation and had an older version which didn't use the AC_FL_Content but was able to use a servlet to generate the XML. I recently downloaded the latest version into a new directory and was trying to see if I could get it to work. It doesn't appear to call my servlet.

      In my directory structure I have:
      has the charts_library directory, resources directory, and the AC_RunActiveContent.js, charts.swf, charts.txt, and sample.html files. I have a procurement.jsp file which is used to run the flash player.
         has the class file for XMLGen
         has the source XMLGen.java file

      I created sample3.jsp as a copy of the new sample.html. I moved over my code from the previous version (mostly just setting up a string called "query1" containing the chart and chart data variable data).

      I changed the line from the sample.html

      'FlashVars', 'library_path=charts_library&xml_source=sample.xml',


      'FlashVars', 'library_path=charts_library&xml_source=XMLGen<%=query1%>',

      I have tried to put the full path to XMLGen (i.e. com.sbec.swfchart508.XMLGen) and it still didn't work.

      It doesn't seem to call my servlet. None of the System.out.println statements appear.  It brings up the page and says: Loading XMLGen? followed by the items in my "query1" string. I use the alert messages to see that the query1 string is correct..

      Can anyone tell me why it isn't calling my servlet?


      Thanks in advance,