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    Photographer needs help with project

    Alan K Thompson

      Hello, I am a professional photographer. I know Photoshop very well, but I do not know flash. Here is my question:

      I am shooting products for a large company. Each main product has 5 or 6 parts that go onto the main product. What I want to show on the web is the main photo of the product and when you roll your mouse over a part of the main photo a separate photo of that particular part pops up and so on. As you roll your mouse around the main photo each of the separate photos popup. I would really like some sort of automation for this project as I have hundreds of main products / parts to photograph. Any help out there would be much appreciated! Thanks, Alan

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure what part of the is the question since it lacks the defining mark (?).  There is probably only so much you can do in the way of automating things with this.  Each main image will need to have specific rollover areas created and coded, which can probably only be done manually.  You could probably make the coding generic to the extent that the rollover code uses generic references to target things, such as whatever holds the images and whatever identifies those images, but even if the images are loaded dynamically, their names would need to be specified in the file, or they would need to be named to match the generic code naming approach in the file.  If these hundreds of things are intended to share the same file, then you'd definitely need to define some form of regimented naming process to be able to manage all the separate parts.


          Your best bet for determining an approach to this is to first create one product demo and get it working completely.  Then you'll have abetter idea of what your options might be for streamlining the process for adding hundreds more.  HIndsight is often 20/20, so having one to acquire such hindsight can't hurt at all.