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    Upgrading CS4 studio web standard to studio web premium




      I'm sorry if my english is hard to link. I am french and I have an bad english.


      Actually, I have a license for CS4 studio web standard. In a couple of days, I will want use photoshop and I have search if possible to beneficiate upgrade tarification.

      On the e-store of adobe, I find two distinct page for check eligibility. First is here : http://store.adobe.com/store/en_us/popup/software/creativesuite/webpremium4/upgrade_eligib ility.html . I find this link in "upgrade" section of the product page of e-store. On this page my version is indicate eligible for an upgrade to cs4 studio web premium for 799 canadian dollards.

      Second page is accessible on the link visible on the flash form to choise product version. In this page, my version isn't eligible to an upgrade. This list is identic to the list find on the adobe generic website.


      What is the erroneous version and the true version of eligible list? If true version is the first, what choise is the good choise in the form? Cs4 pack to cs4 premium pack upgrade isn't indicate in the form.

      If it's second version is the true version why must I find an license of CS3 or older web standard pack for beneficie of an upgrade to web premium whereas I have an cs4 web standard pack? For me, it's illogic.


      Thank's all.