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    Percent-based sizing

    msakrejda Level 4

      I asked a question about Tile layout a few days ago ( http://forums.adobe.com/thread/460475?tstart=0 ). I did not find an answer, but I realized that the core of my question is more general: how is percent-based (and, for that matter, constraint-based) sizing resolved for UIComponents? From the Flex dev guide, this


      "After the measurement pass, Flex determines all percentage-based sizes and lays out components down, from the outermost container to the innermost controls. This is done in the layout pass."


      hints at what I'm looking for, but it's vague--how does the layout pass relate to the actual measure() method. I can tell, since my Tile experiments have failed so far, that measure() happens before the layout pass, but, e.g., can I respond to what happens by default in the layout pass, by overriding the setters that get called there?