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    Question using Canon XH A1

    metrov Level 1

      I just got a Canon XH A1.  I set up a test sequence using  "HDV 1080p 24" as my settings.  Even though Canon lists this camcorder as being 1080i, this is as close as I could guess to the proper settings in PremierePro CS4.  I then tried to capture some test footage, but the capture settings would only allow "DV" capture mode.  Using DV capture mode, Premiere recognizes the camcorder, and performs the capture.  But using the HDV capture settings, I can still control the camcorder via Premiere, but Premiere won't capture anything saying the "Device is Offline."


      I captured my test footage using DV mode, but I'm now wondering if Premiere is capturing ALL the HD information, or just SD info?


      Is anyone familiar with this quirk or whatever is going on with Premiere and my Canon XH?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Everything the XH-A1 records is 29.97i, Setting it to 24F does not change the tape speed, so you need a 29.97 preset.

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            metrov Level 1

            This is from the canon website re: the Canon XH A1 Selectable Frame Rates:


            "60i, 30F, 24F: The XH A1 delivers 1080i HD resolution, along with selectable frame rates of 60i, 30F and 24F. For high-speed subjects, 30 Frame delivers optimal clarity; 24 Frame gives the look and motion of film. An optional upgrade enables 50i/25F frame rates.


            In 60i mode, you have the standard NTSC interlaced video field rate. 30F and 24F offer full frame rates for additional clarity and a film-like look. These Frame modes have the same look as progressive frame rates, but are not labeled "progressive" because they are created with an interlaced chip. The end result is exactly the same to the editing system (and to our eyes) as 30p and 24p, respectively.


            In 50i mode (optional) the XH A1 delivers the European and Australian standard interlaced video field rate for broadcast in those markets.



            Note: The actual frame rates are 59.94, 29.97 and 23.976 for 60i mode and 50 and 25 for 50i mode (optional)."

            Having noted this, are you saying that in order to capture all the HD information from the camcorder, I need to configure the Premiere Sequence settings to 29.97, and then I'll be able to change the Capture mode to HDV?  I admit, I'm a little confused now.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I'm not surprised you are confused. So am I. All this marketing hype is utterly confusing. One thing you know is that tape recording speed does not change when changing recording settings. It will still record at 29.97i. How it will be interpreted in the timeline is dependent on your sequence settings. Hence my suggestion to capture in a 29.97i HDV sequence and apply pulldown to get the 24F format that you shot, for that stuttering/filmic image.

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                metrov Level 1

                Sorry, but how do I "apply pulldown to get the 24F"?  I've never applied such a setting before.  Where do I do it?  Thanks

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Playback settings in the sequence settings.

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                    metrov Level 1

                    So then do I have to do anything in final export [for blu-ray, for example], to maintain my 24f film feel?  Thanks

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                      metrov Level 1



                      I tried your suggestion to use a 29.97 preset, and I still can't get Premiere to capture at HDV quality.  In fact I tried several different possible variations of a 29.97 present, and none of them work.  And the initial footage that I captured at HD setting, indeed says 720X480 in the "Properties" field.


                      Surely, people who are using this camera are able to employ full HD quality.


                      Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Thanks

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                        Jim_Simon Level 8

                        I can think of two things, both user error.


                        The most obvious is that you actually did shoot in DV mode.


                        The other is that you did shoot in HDV, but the camera is set to downconvert to DV.


                        Those are the only two possible reasons that would allow for DV capture from that camera.

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                          metrov Level 1

                          User error is correct, I'm embarrassed to report.  Being so new to this camcorder, I failed to realize it could be set to SD, which indeed it was.  My blunder.  But this discovery now opens a whole, new wonderful world.  I'm going to shoot more test footage this evening, and this time with the proper HD setting to begin with.


                          Thanks for everyone's help.  I learned a lot.