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    Linux Support


      I notice that there's no Linux download available, nor is it listed in the System Requirements... Is there a plan to support Linux on Release, and it's just lagging behind like Flex/Flash builder? 


      It would be very inconvenient to have to use CFEclipse 1/2 the time, and CFBuilder 1/2 the time, and I'd probably just end up not using CFBuilder if there's no Linux version rather than being forced to switch dialects for my IDE every few hours.

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          Ron.Stewart Level 1

          In a separate thread here on the forums, they have indicated that they have no plans for supporting Linux. Not good news, as far as I am concerned either...

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            While I can't comment on Linux official support, I can give you a guide on how to set up CFBuilder on Linux:



            If you find any bugs, I suggest entering them into the bug tracker.

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              Ron.Stewart Level 1

              Thanks, Mark, for the pointer to the post. I have to agree with a couple of the comments on the post, to the extent that it is impressive that you managed to get it working under Linux and it's a real pain to have to jump through those hoops. The keyboard wierdness is a real oddity. I'm not sure many people will put up with either in a product that the vendor has indicated they will charge for on a platform that they don't officially support.


              (I'm also hoping that they make the move to Eclipse 3.5 officially ahead of any sort of final release.)