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    Do I need CS4 to run Catalyst?

    mtngigi Level 1

      I have PS, AI and ID, all different versions (CS3, CS2 and CS4 respectively). Will Flash Catalyst work for me or do I need to have the suite? Don't want to bother downloading the beta and playing around with it if it won't work with my programs as they stand.

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          Eric Lopatin (Adobe)

          Though it's not officially supported, you should be able to import Photoshop CS3 files into Catalyst. If you do run into anything, please let us know.


          With regard to Illustrator files: Catalyst installs and uses its own copy of an Illustrator CS4 library to import Illustrator files. Since Illustrator CS4 opens CS2 files using that same library, you should be able to import CS2 files into Catalyst. However the "Edit in Illustrator" feature in Catalyst requires Illustrator CS4.



          Catalyst QE

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            mtngigi Level 1

            Okay - thanks Eric ... I guess all I can do is try and see how it works out.  More than likely I'd be using PS.


            The only thing I'd be worried about is having problems with AI CS2 if there's another AI library installed ... do you think that might cause a conflict when I'm using AI?

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              Eric Lopatin (Adobe) Level 2

              Sure, you're welcome. I just installed Illustrator CS2 on the same OS 10.5.7 workstation I have Catalyst installed. From a few simple tests, CS2 seems to be working fine. It can open its sample files, modify and save them. I'm also able to import the Cheshire Cat.ai sample file into Catalyst w/out any problems.


              A couple of notes about Illustrator text that you should watch out for (I saw these when running the above Cheshire Cat project): if you introduce margins or specific tracking settings on a string of text in Illustrator and import into FC: these settings will cause errors when you run the Catalyst project. We're aware of these bugs and they'll be fixed in the next beta.



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                Nate B. Level 2

                Catalyst doesn't require other suite apps to run, and should be able to consume your files saved from CS2 and CS3.  AI CS4 is required only if you wish to do round-trip editing of your project between FC and AI.

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                  mtngigi Level 1

                  Thanks guys for your help/advice/answers ...


                  I'm trying to get over my fear of web design and start doing it already, as 99%  of my experience is print. If I truly don't have to write any code using FC, then I'm hoping this program will allow me to put "web designer" on my resume. 



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                    You could create 'Layer' PNG's from old suites and just build the sandwich back together in FC.