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    AIR runtime issue - non stop crashing - wont even uninstall

    john isaacks Level 1

      I was working on Flex/AIR project that did not have any previous problems but when I created the .air file and installed it, I immediately started seeing major problems in the AIR runtime.


      I have uninstalled that air application, but the AIR runtime is still having major issues. I tried to uninstall AIR from control panel>add remove programs. Everytime it would just crash and not uninstall. I was able to uninstall the AIR runtime using a different program that uninstalls applicaitons. Afterwards it would not install, after a few tries it does install but same issues, wont uninstall again, have to use that other method to get it to uninstall. I did this a few times while rebooting between each step.


      Also none of the AIR apps that I made in Flex will run now either, (they all worked before). However, the one air app that I made in the Flash IDE (not flex) will still run, do not know why that is.


      I would really like to resolve this issue but I do not know what else to try, could there be currupt data that is not being removed from the uninstall, causing it to still fail when re-installed?



      Please help me to resolve this issue as quickly as possible as right now I cannot work.