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    Significant Audio Quality Drop from 1.0 to 4.0, suggestions?

    douglasbeagley Level 1

      I just upgraded. Now, no matter how I publish, my audio sounds tinny and warbly.


      Even if I turn off various compression settings hiddin in Captivate's preferences and slow down sound encoding and increase MP3 to 192, it still sounds noticeably poorer than in Captivate 1.0.


      Can anyone explain what is going on?




      Original Project, Compiled in Captivate 1.0:



      New, Identical Project Compiled in Captivate 4.0:



      What happened, and is there anything I can do to get my old sound quality back? There are a bunch of settings in different parts of Captivate's publishing window and general preferences. I THINK I've addressed all of them, but maybe someone could list all the different factors that could possibly effect audio encoding?