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    NTSC monitor? WHAT SYSTEM? AVCHD and how much RT?

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      I think you may have to copy and paste the url to the browser. The link does not seem to work otherwise.


      The link above might help answer some questions. I am not saying my editing system is the best. A deckling card or even an AJA card would be better than using a converter and my computer is a mere $600.00. I am only posting this to help answer some of the questions that get asked many times on this forum. I have a cheap 2.66 GHZ Quad Core (Yorfield) 4 GIGS of RAM and an Nvidia 9400 GT.  I can only image what a 3.33 GHZ Core i7 would do. I went from a 2.13 GHZ Core 2 Dual to a 2.66 GHZ Quad Core. The switch was like night and day. It did not double or triple my RT but infact Quad droupled it.