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    Ram Preview Issue


      Hello everyone,


      Really excited about After Effects (I picked up CS3) and recently finished the After Effects Apprentice book and it's tutorials to familiarize myself with the program.


      Been working on a project and have made headway but have also hit a major snag... When I ram preview with audio (shift + numpad 0) the preview only goes till around the 40 second mark. Just doing the spacebar ram preview is fine but I'm unable to sync audio that way .


      Is there a way to set preferences that will make the audio + comp ram preview longer? And is it possible to set parameters for only the time I'd like to preview (have to start from the beginning every time)? Looked in the help doc but was unable to find anything useful..


      Please help. I want to do a good job on my project and put the suff I learned to use, thank you!