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    Create a toolbar/button in Acrobat 8.0


      I am sorry for my rather simple title, but at this stage I do not know what I am looking for.


      I want to give the possibility for someone using Adobe Acrobat 8.0 pro to be able to save a pdf document they currently have open into a database.


      For example in Office this is simple, I created an addin that got the document or email as an object and I sent the object to my MS Access database.  MS Access then saves the file somewhere and I upload the file with the known path.


      But maybe there is a simple way maybe I can create a button that saves the pdf in a special place and then signals either the MS Access database or even a small .dll/exe I have that this button has been clicked and then this .dll/exe can wake up the MSAccess databae and tell it to do some work.


      Any help would be greatl appreciated.