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    Flex not understanding ArrayCollection passed from PHP

    trmnshwrx Level 1

      First, I'm using Flex Builder 3, Wamp with PHP 5.2.9-2 and MySQL 5.1.33.  I'm also using the Zend Framework to get data from MySQL.


      I have Flex using an HTTPService to send a request; the server then executes some PHP that reads a MySQL database, writes each row into an array, all the rows into an array.  Though I have changed the actual data, here's what my a call on my MySQL database returns:

      SELECT  *
      FROM  `table1`
      LIMIT 0 , 30


      1     VideoDescription     filename.flv

      2     otherDescription      filename2.flv

      3     thirdDescription       filename3.flv


      The names of the columns are "id", "title", and "source", respectively.

      The arrays in php seem to work fine, because in PHP,


      will give us "otherDescription", and we can see that easily in Flex.


      The problem is that I don't want "otherDescription"; I want the whole table passed to Flex as an array collection.

      I am able to pass the array from php, and then it is just an "Array" that I can't do anything with.  No matter what I trace from it, it always says "Array", or it simply does not work...why is this?  Why can't I get anything out of it?  The only useful thing I can pass from PHP to Flex is a String, and that's kind of awkward for what I'm doing.


      Here's my PHP code:




           $arr = array('host' => '','username' => 'root','password' => '','dbname' => 'videolist');

           $db = new Zend_Db_Adapter_Pdo_Mysql($arr);


           $sql = 'SELECT * FROM `table1` LIMIT 0 , 30';

           $result = $db->fetchAll($sql, 2);

           $resultArray = array();

           foreach($result as $resultItem){

                foreach($resultItem as $itemFragment){

                     $resultArrayFragment[] = $resultItem;


                $resultArray[] = $resultArrayFragment;


           echo $result;  // or, to illustrate the way the array collection works, we can put "$result[1]['title'];", in which case, Flex will show "otherDescription"

                                   //  for the traces below




      Here's my relevant ActionScript:


      private function onResult():void{     //this is fired as we get a result after calling the HTTPService send()

           var result = userRequest.lastResult;

           trace("trace 1 = " + String(userRequest.lastResult));     // produces: "Array"

           trace("trace 2 = " + result[1]["title"]);                           // produces: "Array"

           trace("trace 3 = " + result[1]["title"][0][0][0][0]);            // STILL just produces: "Array"

           var someDataProvider:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(userRequest.lastResult.valueOf());

          trace("trace 4 = " + result[0]);                                     // produces: "RangeError: Index '1' specified is out of bounds..."