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    Issues with Activation - CS2 for Mac


      Hello all,


      I'm having extraordinary issues with activating CS2. I work for a non-profit organization, so I want to say straight off the bat that upgrading is not a financially plausible option.


      A few weeks ago, the OS on our Mac crashed. I took it to the Apple Store, and they reinstalled. Since then, I have been getting prompted by all CS2 programs to activate our product. When I click "activate", I am told that activation has failed and to contact Adobe. I have spoken to 2 representatives who have told me that Adobe no longer supports this product for Mac, but does for PC. I have also asked to speak with supervisors and have been disconnected.


      This is the only machine where CS2 is installed. We don't have the finances to upgrade. All we need is the activation code so that we can continue to use the copy of CS2 that we purchased and own. Please let me know if you can help.



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          I'm having exactly the same problem and it's making me livid!  The conversation with the overseas tech support person resulted in the standard "Upgrade to CS4" answer.   I just hung up because it was late in the day and I didn't have the energy to fight through to a supervisor or manager. I'm pursuing other avenues to have Adobe live up to its committment to allow reactivation on a computer if a system reinstall had to be performed.  Have you had any luck since your original post?


          BTW, check out this other frustrated customer blog: 



          Adobe needs to realize that they are creating a lot of bad vibes out there in the creative community.