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    Are any of you using Daisy Pipeline to create Daisy books?

    wurliuchi Level 1

      Kind of off topic. Sorry, I know, but I'm desperate. If anyone here has successfully created a Daisy book from an xml file with Daisy Pipeline on the Mac, I would sure love to hear how you did it. I'm getting nowhere.

      I'm exporting from Open Office using the Odtb2book add-on and I've also tried exporting from InDesign using Export for Digital Editions and selecting DTBook. I can't do anything in Daisy Pipeline with the ePub file from InDesign (why is it ePub when I selected DTBook?), and the xml file exported from Open Office acts like it's going to work when I select Daisy Book TTS Narrator in Pipeline, but then I get an error saying, "Failed To Speak" (and then it lists the first line of text and stops working). I do have the LAME encoder installed and the path setup correctly to it in Daisy Pipeline preferences, but nothing is working.

      Needless to say I'm very confused and frustrated and kind of surprised it's this convoluted and difficult (or maybe I'm just making it that way). I've been all over the www looking for answers and I've tried every suggestion I've found with no success.

      If you have experience with this, or have any ideas for me, please have mercy and let me know. Hopefully this post will not be deleted.

      Thank you.

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          wurliuchi Level 1

          Just thought I'd post an update in case anyone else has a problem with this not working. It's not easy configuring all this stuff, or even knowing what you need to configure, if you've never done it before. Or, if you're like me, you foget how to do it in five day's time, unless it's a task you do just about every day.


          All is working now. Romain (one of the developers of Daisy Pipeline) did an excellent (and patient) job in troubleshooting and figuring out the cause. I didn't have the Xcode system tools installed, though I thought I did. He also got me going with Macports which made things a lot easier, after I got over my fear of it.

          Thank you, Romain!!!