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    Export as PNG... won't (action doesn't save the file) in CS4


      I have created a simple action/script, which I had to recreate as I upgraded to Leopard and installed CS4 (had Tiger and CS3).


      The action script is very simple. I use it to export client logos/etc. from Illustrator so PC users can place a transparent png into their PPTs.


      File > Export as PNG. (settings are "Screen/72 dpi, Color=Transparent)

      Close File.


      That's it.


      When I do exactly that, but without using the action, it works fine, but when I open a bunch of files to run the action on, the files do not show up in the folder I specify them to go to. I have another script that is exactly the same but it is just Export as JPG and IT WORKS. I have gone over the PNG script 100 times and I can't figure out why it won't save to the folder when I run it as an action, because it worked just fine in Tiger/CS3.