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    error message - pulling hair out


      Hi forum


      I am pulling my hair out.
      Every time I start Prem Pro I get the following message


      “Prem pro could not find any capable video play modules – Please update your video display drivers”


      Now this started suddenly yesterday and I have been using the programme all last week for a job I am half way through with no issues. It was very sudden


      I am running vista 64 bit and an ATI radeon X1050 graphics card. 4GB ram


      I have tried following


      1/ disable anti virus and firewall - no
      2/ system restore - no (twice)
      3/ update video driver - no
      4/ uninstall and reinstall cs4 suite
      5/ msconfig - startup with no other applications or services - no
      6/ kick the machine - no !!!


      I am really at a loss. I have seen a couple of forums on the web covering this subject but so far nothing has helped me.


      Any ideas please