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    Time Remapping Cips with Audio (Any Solutions to Audio Sync?)


      I mean if I remap the time of the clip with the audio section unlinked, I can set the time of the clip and then select both the video and audio tracks of the clip and hit syncronize.  That works fine, if you select the Timecode option.


      The problem is, this only works if you speed the entire clip's speed up uniformly.


      However I have a clip that I want to speed the middle up of, with a transition over time using the keyframes.


      So two questions:

      1.  What can I do to get the audio to sync up right?  The clip goes on for X seconds at 100% speed, then increases to 250% speed with a transition of about three seconds, holds there are 250, then goes back to 100% speed, with a transition of course.

      2.  Why, when this was orginally implimented in CS3, would they not have by CS4, included a time remapping option or at least a time remapping audio sync option to the process?  I mean, I know it is possible because I've seen it done in professional movies, so, what's the deal Adobe?  I mean come on, it's wouldn't be that hard for a programmer to program a Time "remapping" option for audio....  I'd do it, but I don't know anything about programming.