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      Hi, sorry I'm just posting this again as I just logged on and discovered that my thread has been locked after a few inflammatory comments overnight by 'meshgraphics'. Thanks for your comments Jeffry, Alexander and Greg, that definitely clears up a few things. I have no idea why that guy was talking about a budget/quote, as I was just trying to gather information about flex so I'm in a better position to ask a flex developer what I want. For the record, the budget for this project could easily be 6 figures, but is yet to be confirmed. If I was wanting a quote, I would have written about a hundred pages of detailed specifications, and meet face-to-face, and posted it on a job website, not a community discussion forum! Anyone who would quote based solely on my post, such as 'meshgraphics', would be an idiot, and I'd be a fool to trust anyone who would. So hopefully that clears up any confusion :-)


      Anyway, all I'm trying to do is gain a broad understanding of Flex so can write a more effective brief, and choose a flex developer wisely. Can anyone recommend any articles that would give a good introduction to the Flex workflow/concepts when planning a website like this one (described in the last post). Thanks for all your input, I really appreciate it.

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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          For those reading this, here is a link to the previous thread for those that want to re-read Crescendo123'soriginal post:



          If you want a good introduction to Flex workflow concepts, you might want to check out Adobe's Flex in a Week: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/ .  It may be more detailed than what you're looking for, though.


          This isn't Flex specific, but in my view of the world there are two approahces to application development.  One is "Data First"; the other is "Interface First".


          In a "Data First" application, you start by looking at the data you have or that you want to store; create a relational database around it, and then build a component architecture, possibly a service layer, and finally the interface.  This is traditionally how software development has been done.


          The "Interface First" approach starts by building an interface prototype first.  To most users, the interface is the application. They don't understand a database architecture, but will understand the screens they have to click through to do stuff.  It is relatively cheap to change the interface at this stage without a fully fleshed out back end.  Once the users / client are happy with the interface; I go on to design the component architecture / service layer, and then the database.


          I've found the data first approach to be more common, but I've had some very good success with the Interface First approach.


          Does this help, or were you looking for something more specific to Flex?


          I apologize for my contribution to the locking of your previous thread.  It was not my intent to egg someone on and cause a problem

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            Yep that helps, thanks for the thorough response. I think I should start with the interface since there won't be too much complexity in the database - it bascially just needs to handle the logging in and tracking users' progress through the modules. The interface involves interactive HD videos and questions so I think I'll need to plan how the swf/xml/f4v files work together first. Looking forward to learning more about Flex though!