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    editing Fireworks slideshows drops Fade transition

    help Ed

      When I add a new Album to an existing Album Book I always have difficulty getting the functionality the same as before the addition. The original has Fade for a transition, which doesn't seem to apply to the added set of photos in the xml file. Even when I manually edit and upload the xml, index files etc it still won't run correctly. I don't get the Fade to work and usually the second set of photos won't even display. I'm stumped with this and have no clue what's causing this. Any ideas? Using CS3 Fireworks, XP Pro PC. Thanks!!!  Ed

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Which slideshow Player option are you using? I believe only the first two options allow for 'transistions'.


          Instead of manually editing the xml file, run the Slideshow script again. Upper left corner, choose 'Open Existing Slideshow' and at the prompt choose folder of the last saved slideshow. The script will auto-detect an existing .xml file and load the last used Slideshow settings. From here, add new albums or photos, and export again.

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            Ed F

            In this instance it appears to be a cache issue, although I hit ctrl-F5 several times.

            Displayed OK on other computers and the following morning it was displaying fine.

            I'm using Player - white. Transitions are allowed. I'm going to see if the issue reoccurs and if so nail down it down more closely.

            In the past I tried re-running the Slideshow script again but that seemed to recompress the already-compressed images reducing it's size and quality, but then maybe I wasn't drawing the images from a separate source folder as I have been doing lately.

            Anyway many thanks for your response!!