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    last 2 problems for my site.

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      1. motion guide. i have a img of a boat which i want to follow number 8 pattern which i drew. i want it to start and finish in the same place so it can loop. but if i try outtin beggining and end on same posisition it just dont move. so how do i do this. i can make it follow a line from one end to another but im havin trouble whith this one.


      2.  i have 4 images, 1 on each key frame 15 frames apart. this swithches between them quite nicely but its a snap change. i would like them to fade from one to another, how do i do this.............. Thanks

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          1. Leave a gap in the guide line. Set the clip to be guided at one end of the gap at the start of the animation and at the other end of the gap at the end of the animation. The size of the gap should be about the size of the movement of one frame. You may need to adjust the position of the end points to get a smooth animation.


          2. Make each image a movieClip, place each movieClip on its own layer. Build a tween for each movieClip, tween the alpha of each movieClip.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            1. You have to have a start and an end to the guide, meaning it cannont be a continuous line, like a circle. To make it loop you need to take advantage of the movieclip's ability to loop by going from the last frame to the first.  So with a figure eight shape, you would probably have to start the line just after the interscetion and end it just before... more like an S shape with the two ends almost touching the middle line at the center.


            2. Learn how to do timeline tweens.  If you're using CS4, it's supposed to be easier, but I've only heard stories opposite to that.