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    Slice down state not shown (CS4/Win)

    vanCarabas Level 2

      I know this question is asked before but I couldnot find any real answer to it in tyhe last 6 pages of the forum.


      The problem is that the down state (the clicked state) of a button is not preserved when I use a masterpage. It works in preview mode, but when you go to "Preview all pages" it is no longer working (see the attachment). It is tested on Vista SP1 and XP SP3. I have attached a simple png showing this. I suppose it is a problem with the export engine, it will not work in explorer nor in ff.


      There is some other odd behaviour:

      - when loading a PNG I have to click every page first, otherwise the unclicked pages will not work when you do "Preview all pages";

      - I donot see any difference when I link a page to a masterpage or not;

      - I am not able to really activate the "over while down state". It is activated in the popup but it will never show when looked at. Not even in standard preview mode,

      - When the number of states on the other pages is less than the number of states on the masterpage you won;t get a decent error message, but an internal error complaining about virtual functions.


      BTW there is a dirty workaround, and that is to add the button to every page (in this example a green rectangle on page 1 and 2). This is offcourse not a very good idea, because it will lead to maintenance troubles.


      Am I making a mistake somewhere and/or is it working on someone else's system?

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          Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

          This might be a code problem. Fw exports javascript to handle this events and it doesn't work with multiple pages exported.


          In the html code, when you export a button without making it a link, it automatically makes it a link to javascript:;  (<a href="javascript:;" ...)

          When you aplly a link to a button, it loses that  (for example <a href="Page 2.htm" ...) and doesn't work. I haven't figured out how to solve this problem and i'm not good in javascript.

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            vanCarabas Level 2

            Well, I dived in the javascript and agree it is a code problem.


            Fw almost does it right. The correct way I think should be to export with the option File->HTML Setup->Document specific->Export multiple... selected. (There is a little caveat here: If you change the HTML Setup for a page, and start exporting with a other page selected it will use the HTML setup for that specific page, and will use that for ALL the pages in the PNG. Not a problem if you are aware of it, but it takes some time and a few wrong exports.). But this will not work right away.


            Now it becomes somewhat fuzzy (sorry):

            The problem is that there will be a number of files generated but the links in them are wrong, the most important are the page x_y.htm (with 2 buttons there will be only 4 files (page 1_1, apage 1_2, apage 2_1, page 2_2), with 3 there will be 9 etc.). whenever x equals y (page 1_1 and page 2_2) the page is useful. The only problem then is that the links in these files are wrong. (especially, the link in page 2_2 when i click the button for page 1 should go to page 1_1, but instead links to page 2_1 ).


            So there are two workarounds:

            1) after every export change the links in the page x_x files with a search and replace tool

            2) Or for every file page x_y with x unequal y create a redirect html file which redirects to page y_y and copy that over the exported files after every export.


            Or just ignore the problem 


            Maybe there are other solutions but I donot see them.

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              Dave Hogue Level 2

              You submit this as a bug to have the JS script library and export function fixed.  Bugs can be filed here:





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                vanCarabas Level 2

                Thx for the advice. I''ve submitted this.