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    Find text and replace with glyph in ID3


      Hello all


      My quest to format an entire book with one script stumbles along in the right direction, first my thanks to the people on here that have helped so much


      Right, we have a custom font that is effectively the numbers from 1-99 inside a circle, they load with a bewildering array of keystokes, the formatted text goes out to updaters whose Word files break the glyphs into the single numbers so the glyph for '12' is turned into the glyphs for '1' and '2'


      What I want to do is have the script find instance of two sucessive numerals in the custom font and replace that with the single glyph/character for the composite number


      So find the characters '1' and '2' in the custom font, (I can do that using the Text search)


      Replace with the glyph for '12', (I can do that using the glyph replace)


      But not the two together


      I could do it all using text I suppose if I could get eh text replace to do the fancy keystrokes, like 'ALT+12'


      Any ideas?




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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Can't you just find two consecutive numbers in the custom font and replace with a single character in the custom font all in the Text (or Grep) tab of the Find/Change dialog? You don't need the Glyph tab. I've done quite a few character replacements, usually from one font to another, and I've never used the Glyph tab.



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            tynan Level 1

            Hi Peter and thanks for the quick reply


            erm yes, I've never used glyphs myself either, it's how they set this font up here and currently load the characters, before my time


            I'm investigating now how to call up the characters in the text or grep replace windows


            At present they're called up as what I think of as extended characters so ALT+12, and so on, at present I don;t see how to emulate that in the replace window, to do multiple key strokes basically ...

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              tynan Level 1

              Yes, you're right Peter, when I load the glyphs into ID, then copy and paste the glyph into the text replace box, it gives me the special character needed, trying to find the right keystokes was what was holding me up


              Thanks for the steer