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    please help add Shared Object to MovieClipLoader

    mona oga Level 1
      Good Morning!
      Kind reader, could you please help me with setting up shared object ?

      I made banner for my blog. 1 main swf movie with MovieClipLoader and 4 JPG files loading randomly whenever you
      open the page.

      I also have 4 buttons to load the images manually into my banner:
      button.onRelease = function() {loader._visible = true;mcl.loadClip("1.jpg",holder);}

      I'm trying to add Shared Object to these buttons so when I select one of the 4 buttons, my banner will load that selected
      image every time I visit my blog. But I would like to be able to also turn it back on to random once I get bored
      with my selection.
      I don't understand shared object and don't know how to place it within my Movie Clip loader.
      Can you help please?

      thank you - good weekend