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    Changing the default scene marker


      I am using PE4 and I cannot figure out how to change the default selected menu button, which for me is not the first menue button. I have four scene menu markers (buttons) and when I make the DVD, the second menu button is always selected by default. I have tried to click (and double click) on the first button, save the file and make a DVD right after. Even when the first menu button appears to be selected in the program, once the DVD is made, the button for the second scene is still the default one selected. Any ideas? Thanks!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This likely has to do with the structure of the DVD template itself -- to be precise, the order of the layer sets in the original PSD file.


          The best test is to try another template and see if you get the same results.


          If so, you can open the DVD template in Photoshop Elements and tweak the layer set order.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I agree completely. In the structure of a .PSD Menu, the bottom Button Layer Set is given the name Button 1. Now, the text for this Button can be changed, as can the name, but so long as it is the bottom Button Layer Set in the Layers hierarchy, it will default to being the #1 Button with regards to Button Routing.


            Since PE does things semi-automatically, with regards to DVD navigation, the only way to change the Button Routing would be to Open that Menu in PS/PSE and drag the various Button Layer Sets up/down the hierarchy. The trick will be to get the correct Button Layer Set in the correct order, as all one will have, when working on the Template is Button 1, Button 2, etc. Because you'd be working on the Template, the names that will be assigned to the text on each Button will not be there yet. Still, with pen and paper, one can make note of which Button come up as the default, and then Move the entire Button Layer Set up. Test, and make note of the new default Button. Is that the correct one? If so, leave it. If not, go back and Move that one up in the Layer hierarchy. Keep testing and making notes, until you have it as you want it.


            NOTE: When I talk of "Moving," I am talking about Moving the Button Layer Set up/down in the Layers Palette, and NOT Moving any Button on the screen - two totally different things.


            In Encore, one can allow for Automatic Button Routing (what PE does based on the placement of the Button Layer Set in the Layers Palette), or manually Route each Button. PE does not allow for that, to my knowledge.


            Do not know about DVD Architect.


            Most of the time, the semi-automatic authoring in PE is perfect (and still, to me, amazing!), but sometimes it can get in the way, and one needs to go "under the hood," to change it. Usually, this will be in a less than direct manner, and one should know both PS/PSE and also the structure of a Menu.


            Good luck,



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