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    Have to press key when loading data


      I am working with Flash Lite 2.0 and Action Script 2.0. The working device is SoftBank 8012SH.

      On device, running an URL to load and run SWF file. For working with SWF file, I need to load data from XML file created from

      PHP code run on server. Function that was used is  load(fileURL) of XML object.


          xmlData=new XML();
          System.useCodepage = true;


      "processXMLData" is the function that will process retrieved data from server.

      This work has been done successfully, but my problem is that whenever Flash file want to load XML file, on both device and emulator user always have to press a key. This is a bit uncomfortable with the user.


      My questions are as follows:


      1. Is that the default rules of Flash Lite or my working device.

      2. What should I do in this case to improve it? Is there any other way that permits me to avoid key pressing before loading data?


      Expecting your answers.