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    Title Designer Tools Not Available


      I've been using the Title creator on Premiere Pro CS4 for a while now, and it works as it should. However recently it's gone strange. Either going to New Title to do just that, or clicking on an existing title in the timeline to modify it, results in the text (to type) and arrow (to drag) boxes on the left hand side not being present. Instead theres just a small grey and white chequered box. The main screen on which you type is just grey and not displaying where the pointer is on the timeline (as it normally does to reveal what you're typing over). The display on my TV monitor attached thru the Matrox RT.X2 to the PC, shows a picture of just chequered grey and white.

      The problem's only occured in the last couple of weeks. Never had it before. 
      Anyone understand how I can get back to doing titles as I always have? It mystifies me. Your help would be greatly appreaciated.