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    When I try to export a Captivate 4 file to Flash CS4, all I get is a bunch of empty slides on the timeline.

    AllenJ0nes Level 1

      I produced a course in Captivate and attempted to export it to Flash CS4 using the steps outlined by Adobe.  The file produced has no content besides blank space for each slide on the timeline.  I selected all elements to be exported, but alas, nada (occasionally 1 graphic).  I also tried importing the Captivate slides into Flash, but still, no good.  Am I missing something?


      Here is the rest of the story.  I have a number of Flash exercises that have the user create string variables that are used in further exercises.  I need these to show up in the course.  I also tried to insert them as "Flash animations" (the only way I see to do it) into the Captivate file, but that didn't bring over anything but the graphics from Flash.  The text and text boxes do no show when I run the course.  If I can export everything to Flash it would make life a lot easier (also since the Flash exercises would need to pass the string variables to other exercises within the course, yet on other slides of the Captivate file).


      Now I am stuck.  The best solution I have so far is to load the Captivate SWF file into Flash and work from there.  That seems like a big pain.


      Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

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          commando dhruv Level 3



          Export to Flash CS4 from CP now automatically adds all the slides as movie clips, so all your contents would be in the movieclip timeline.


          If only some of the resources are exporting then, mostly the export might be failing after certain steps...


          You should  try exporting the slides one by one, meaning while you develop the course you can export the first slide, once its done, then the second and so on... this way you can narrow down on the object/slide which is actually giving trouble.


          You can report this to Adobe and reply to this thread with your findings. This way all the unhappy souls will avoid adding such object/slides, if they are too want Export to FLA.