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    How do I use the z parameter instead of component's stack order for layout?




      In my current project I am already using the cool new 3D properties (z/rotationX/rotationY/rotationZ) of the Flex 4 SDK. It really makes fun playing

      around with them, but it is actually pretty annoying that elements that ought to be postioned on top of each other with different z-values are displayed according to their stack order (the positon with respect to to their DisplayObject-siblings). This leads to the non-realistic appearance of objects that should be positioned in the back of the scene right on top of everything else.


      The only solution for this problem is to manually set the z-order in which I want the objects to appear on the screen by using the removeChild()/addChild() methods of the parent-container. This is not only annoying but quite expensive and additionally non-dynamic.


      Is there any means to make a container use its children's position in space for layout instead of its "z-stack"? If not, I would consider this as a bug, at least when it comes to 3D placement of objects.


      Thank's for any hints and best regards,

      Manuel Fittko