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    Button Home State

      I have a website with flash buttons and I need the button of the current page to be on the over state and not be clickable. The buttons are in a single flash file that I have put into a web page as a nav bar. I have tried the _url method to try and identify the button state with the url of the current page, but that didn't work, obviously because it only gives you the url of the button itself. I just want a better method than creating individual navbars for each page. Thanks for your help!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if the only way to change "pages" of your website is clicking buttons, use movieclip buttons and null the onRollOut handler after a button is clicked and restore the onRollOut handler of the previously clicked button, if any, and direct the previously pressed button, if any, to the out state.
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            ru8ikscu8er Level 1
            The only problem with that is that I would be changing pages each time which would reload the navbar each time, thereby refreshing each button state. I would rather not have to remake the page as frames, but that might be the only possible way. Thanks for your advice, but is their another way?
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              you could make your site all flash or use iframes or use a query string to pass variables/values to the newly loaded "page". if you use a query string, you'll need to use javascript and the externalinterface class in flash.