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    How to Pass string to HTTPService

    alice_data Level 1

      I have a scenario here where I have a repeater function like the example at Displaying CheckBox Controls Dynamically
      I have manipulated my function so that it displays its strings at
      private function button_click(evt:Event):void {
      var selArr:Array = [];
      var idx:int;
      var len:int = arr.length;
      for (idx=0; idx<len; idx++) {
      if (checkBox[idx].selected) {

      var message:String = selArr.join("\n");
      Alert.show(message, title);
      The problem is I need to manipulate the message string so I can pass it on to the HTTPService so I can enter the individual information in a query to search through a database. How do I actually pass the message string to the HTTPService and handle the string?

      I don't think I can do a <string>message</string> here because it never worked. Have I missed something here?

      Thanks to anyone who can help.