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    Mac CS3: White text turns black when file is reopened

    tlmurray23 Level 1
      System: PowerBook G4, Illustrator CS3.0.2, and OS 10.4.11
      I attached a sample (only 85KB) to this post, and there is one at http://homepage.mac.com/tlmurray/filechute/WTTB_sample.ai. The sample has two layers. The background is black and locked; the top layer holds the text. This sequence demonstrates the problem:
      1. Launch Illustrator and make sure the Colors panel and the Character Styles panel are open, and that you are in Preview mode.
      2. Open the sample file. It will appear as a black rectangle.
      3. Select the text by area or by I-beam, doesn't matter. The text covers the rectangle, so you can aim anywhere.
      4. Note the Character Style panel. You'll see that the Normal Character Style entry does not have a + sign, so Illustrator says the text matches the style.
      5. Redefine the Normal Character Style by double-clicking it, choose Character Color and click the white swatch.
      6. The text turns white.  Okay so far.
      7. Save and close the file.
      8. Reopen the file. On my system, the text is black again.


      Another similar sequence is to turn the text white by clicking the white fill in the Colors or Swatches panel, the doing a "Redefine Character Style" in the panels list of options.

      Anyone else see this? Is there some trick I'm missing?
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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You'll need to define a new character style. Simple as that. The canned one evidentally cannot be changed.

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            tlmurray23 Level 1

            That's not the case. Other colors work.

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              watsonlance Level 2

              The problem is not your Character Style!

              The problem is that your white is not a color.

              To see this when you open your character styles and choose your white the "Tint" option is greyed out, since you can only tint colors.

              To fix this, double click on your white swatch so it opens the color options box. under the process color / spot color box check the "Global" option.

              Now close the options box, and go to you character styles and select the white, you will notice tint now is available.

              close and save, problem solved

              this will explain why the white resets, since illustrator dosn't reconize it as a color and defaults back to black. However whenever you make another color this is solved and thus making the problem only consistant with the white swatch.

              Tested and worked for me.  Hope it solves it for you.

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                Mario Arizmendi Level 4

                I've downloaded your file, open, change the text to white, save and close.....reopen the file and the text is ok, painted white... Even using the strange withe swatch you have.. see picture


                so may be is some preference for you.


                Try moving the ai preferences folder to de desktop (in case you want it back), restart illustrator and see if it works.


                I am on a Mac 10.4.11 Cs3.

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                  tlmurray23 Level 1

                  First the short item: Prefs didn't help. Now for the long form.


                  My machine is behaving differently than yours, even with new prefs:

                  - In the Char Style Options dialog, > Char Color, double-clicking both the square swatch and the name in the list does nothing.

                  - I added several colors of different types, and only one color lets me select a tint in that same dialog: Registration.

                  - Later, if I change white to global, I can then change its tint


                  Turns out that for me there are two fixes for this white issue. One is to select the white from the Swatch pane and setting the color to Global is one fix. If I do that and then change the color to white in the Char Style Options dialog, it works.


                  The other fix is weird and may be a bug:

                  1. In my original upload, select the text and note that the Char Styles pane does not consider it an override.

                  2. Turn the text white by clicking the white in the Swatch pane. Now it's an override.

                  3. Save the file. Don't "fix" the character style.

                  4. Open the file.  It's okay. But not only is it okay but the char style is not an override!

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                    tjhb Level 1

                    Thanks for posting this question, and thanks everyone for the discussion.


                    I was having the same issue with Illustrator CS4 on Windows.


                    I solved it by adding a global swatch of the desired text colour, then reapplying it to each style.


                    Why it should be necessary is beyond me, but I'm grateful to have it fixed.