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    Working on both Mac and PC, advice?


      First of all, I hope this is an acceptable forum for this question, I figured licensing is the root of the 'problem' so might as well ask here.


      I currently have a desktop PC with CS2 (I've also got MX 2004 of the other stuff), I really have no reason to upgrade these at this time


      My problem: The school I am going to now pretty much requires you to get a laptop, and I think they have a partnership with Apple or something because that is all they have in the bookstore and I am 'strongly encouraged' to get one. I use a Mac at work so I'm aware of how cool they are for design etc, I'm fine with having to get one.


      As you all know, there is no mac & pc option and I need to use both because honestly I don't really enjoy working on laptops when I am at home and there's a perfectly good desktop right there. The other side is I can't really NOT have it on the laptop because I'm a illustration/design/art/etc major and I will need these programs at school. I am also a rather poor student who can barely afford this required laptop, so I can't just straight up buy a new copy for the Mac. I read somewhere about cross upgrading, but then I'm out of luck on my PC. So what do you guys think I should do? Protest the laptop requirement? ;D


      Oh and switching to a Mac desktop is not an option as I am also an avid video gamer, and well..the Mac is not up to snuff for that. That is also a lot of money to bypass one software issue.


      Thanks for any thoughts.