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    resize logo for customer


      A customer gave me a low res. color logo to use for some print ads.  I need to make it higher resolution using either illustrator or photoshop?  I think the best option is to recreate it in illustrator but I'm not sure the easiest way to do that will be? 

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          watsonlance Level 2

          Easy my friend.


          He sent you a vector PDF just open the pdf in illustrator, and break open the group and your done. save as eps and blow-up to whatever size you want.

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            shadestuff Level 1

            thanks for the quick response!  what do you mean break open group? 

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              watsonlance Level 2

              open pdf in illustrator (file > open > select your pdf)


              select the image


              Object > clipping path > release


              delete the background clipping path


              save as .eps



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                JayJhabrix Level 3

                Actually, depending how you want to use it, you may not even have to 'release the clipping mask'. Just open in Illustrator – as recommended – resize and save as whatever... eps... ai or even pdf.

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                  shadestuff Level 1

                  This is a really cool feature, using the clipping mask but I'm not sure how to delete background?  thanks so much for the help!

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                    shadestuff Level 1

                    When I resize the image it's looks pixelated.  I'm just trying to blow it up for a full page ad in a magazine...

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                      watsonlance Level 2

                      That's interesting since with the pdf you provided I was able to zoom in 6400% and still have crystal clear lines...


                      So this tells me to have pixel issues; that somewhere in you importing it resterized the pdf file.


                      What program are you building your Magazine in?


                      If it's InDesign then place the .pdf in and make sure under the import options (check box when selecting the file) that there are no compressions being done.


                      If it's Illustrator then i would open the .pdf in illustrator, remove clipping mask and delete the outside box (aka BG white), then re-group and copy paste into your working illustrator file.


                      If your working in Photoshop.... rebuild in InDesign lol (Photoshop resterizes everything unless you import as curves)

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                        shadestuff Level 1

                        I originally made the ad in photoshop but now I have illustrator so I may try to use illustrator to make the ad.  I'm just making small changes to the original ad and after doing my research on the logo's and opening in different programs, I suppose I may have had trouble importing the original logo into photoshop and indesign.  I have no idea what program the logo was created in so maybe making the ad in illustrator will fix the problem.  I will also need to import it correctly in indesign when I work on the catalog but I'm waiting for the program to arrive before I open that can of worms... 

                        thanks so much for the great advice.  I really like using those tools!


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                          watsonlance Level 2

                          Ok here is your answer based on what your using.

                          Problem: Photoshop does not understand .eps and will flatten them to jpeg.

                          Good News: You can determine all aspects of how Photoshop flattens.

                          Procedure for Photoshop:

                          • Take your AD & check your resolution (I am assuming your working in 300dpi since it's print)
                          • Open the PDF in photoshop  File > open > select pdf
                          • In the "Import PDF" dialog box Setup how you want your image to come in
                            • Image Size = set this to the size you need your logo (I like to make it a little bigger so i can scale down)
                            • Resolution = set this to the same resolution as your AD file (should be 300dpi or more)
                            • Mode = set this to CMYK / Grayscale (depending on the AD's needs)
                          • Hit OK
                          • Now you have your logo at the perfect size and resolution (you can prevent pixels by scaling down, but never up)
                          • Unlock the background layer
                          • Select All (edit > select all)
                          • Copy & paste into your AD

                          Let me know if this Answered you question

                          Note: from my experience working at a digital press shop. I would build the Ad's in InDesign so you can import your images from photoshop and your logos/vector files from illustrator. Photoshop is the best for images, where Illustrator is best for vectors, and InDesign is best for bringing it all together.

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                            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                            I would agree with watsonlance this could be done ID in which case you can simply import logo s either a pdf or resave it as an AI file.


                            In ID remember that you should turn your high quality preview n if you want to see the preview at its best.


                            You could of course do the file in Illustrator make certain you have color space i Ai and ID the same when placing the ai file in AI


                            There really is no real reason to convert to pdf unlee it is part of your workflow.


                            If the art work looks pixelated in AI you might have pixel preview turn n turn it off.


                            Here is a screen shot of both an ai and pdf file placed in ID nothing was done to the file.Picture 4.png