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    Variable value lost

      I have file with three frames and buttons that control navigation between frames. I have the code that controls the buttons (pasted below) on each frame in a separate layer. This is my first problem. Oddly the buttons will not work properly when the code is only on frame one (which I was under the impression should work no worries). That said my main problem is that I have a variable that has its value set on frame two or three (on a button that takes you back to frame one) and it loses its value when it starts in frame one. It goes back to undefined. I'm hoping I'm making a terribly elementary mistake and someone here can help me out.

      To try to better explain this: Frame one contains a note that has an ok button (noteok_btn) that I want to have it nextFrame on its first playthrough. Then frames two and three have a button that, when clicked, sets the value of a variable (noteplay) that tells the button on frame one to gotoAndStop at the value of a variable (callback) that logs the currentframe value of where the user was on the timeline when the clicked the note button. If anyone takes the time to look at this, know that I appreciate it very much. Thank you.