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    LCDS + Hibernate + Custom Assembler


      I am working on a LCDS based Flex application that has an existing Java back-end that is built using Hibernate annotations and Spring enabled services (DAOs). I have tried 3 different ways of working with our backend but I need one that will allow for use with Hibernate models and our existing

      1. Sucessfully built a prototype that uses the HibernateAnnotationsAssembler, but that bypasses our Service layer (not acceptable).
      2. Created an custom Assembler that extends AbstractAssembler and tried using it, it finds the fill method and performs the service calls that load the Hibernate objects but Spring commits the transaction and LCDS goes to load one of the lazy references throws a 'org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException:could not initialize proxy - no Session'. 
      3. Attempted to extend the HibernateAnnotationsAssembler but then nothing works at all.  I get the following error 'There was an unhandled failure on the server. null'.


      Are there suggestions on how I can accomplish using Hibernate and our existing service layer?