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    PRS505- how to authorise reader?


      I have read with interest that a range of people are not able to authorise the Sony reader PRS 505, having same problem.  uninstalled software just in case I missed a step but no, still the same.  Purchased 2 ebooks from Waterstones - front cover transferred to reader as a photo but the book content wants authorisation but all that comes up is that computer is authorised and there is no way to authorise the reader.  Tried the Ctrl-shift-E to no avail got no repose.  Spoken to Sony and Waterstones who say it must be a Digital Editons problem.  Why on earth are we  all having these problems: someone must have the answer at Adobe?  The customer service site is hopeless cannot find a way to email or an answer. I have trawled everywhere and now 3 weeks after purchase no further forward!!  Getting fed up now!

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          I'm having the same problem. I have a PRS-505 and 700. ADE doesn't see either one to authorize. My computer is authorized but I can't get past that point no matter how many things I've tried. Adobe?? Any ideas?

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            Try what I suggest in the post entitled "To authorize Sony PCS-700". I believe "igorsk" wrote the post I refer to about a PRS-505.

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              SolRaven Level 1

              I still can't figure out why "MY" personal pc with Vista will not see either of my readers but someone on MobileRead suggested that I try it on another computer. So, I d/l sony connect library, then adobe digital editions and voila! The pc, and both readers are now authorized. I can copy and paste the ADE/pdf file plus, for the library books, the .xml file onto my reader in the ADE folder and it works fine, or just use my boyfriend's computer for any ADE until I figure it out. At least my readers are authorized so no matter where I d/l the books from, I can read them on my readers.


              here's the thread. http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51154

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                Jim Lester Level 4

                To "see" the Sony Readers, ADE uses a driver that is installed with the Sony Library Software and pointed to by a registry entry.


                If either the driver or registry entry are not present, then the ADE will not be able to connect to any Sony Readers.


                If you want help from Adobe ensuring that you Sony Library software is installed correctly, your best bet is to open up a Web Support case.




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                  SolRaven Level 1

                  Sony ebook Library is installed on my computer. I really can't figure what the issue is. When I wen to my boyfriend's laptop, I installed Sony Library, installed ADE, it asked me to authorize the computer, I did. I plugged in the prs700, right away it asked to authorize it, same for the prs505. For the life of me I couldn't tell you what it is. I've tried running all programs as the administrator as well. I'm at a loss. Until then, anything ADE will have to go through the laptop.

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                    I am having a similar problem authorizing a PRS505 Reader from a Windows 2000 machine. Following advice

                    on this and other forums I have installed the Sony E-library and drivers and the Sony E-library can see the

                    Reader, so I think this step was successful. Now I understand that when I start Adobe Digital Editions, the

                    Reader should appear in the bookshelves and I can then authorize it. This does not happen. Any suggestions?

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                      Schwartz49 Level 1

                      I presume you tried the recommendation I posted on the Adobe Digital Editions user-to-user forum, specifically following the manual installation of the eBook Library (http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26849&highlight=pim).   You may only need to use the direction related to PIM found in that post.



                      think the problem is related to where you locate the Sony eReader and

                      the Adobe Digital Editions.  I believe they have to be on the same

                      drive and I think that drive needs to be the C: drive.  I had both of

                      those programs located together on a different drive.  By changing the drive letter in the PIM post to the drive where I had Adobe Digital Editions worked for me.


                      Good Luck!