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    Drag item from a list item to another list item (How to)


      How to Drag item from a list item to another list item

      so i meen i have a


      1) list A

      2) and my item inside that list is a list B


      in my app I give data to that list inside list

      and now I want to drag out that item from list B to another list B of my list A

      PLEASE HELP!!!


      sory for my En...

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          deepa subramaniam (adobe)

          Hello -


          Is this for a Spark List control (<s:List />) or a Halo List control (<mx:List/>)?


          If a Spark List - drag & drop capabilities for the Spark List were not a part of the Beta drop.


          If a Halo List:


          -You have to opt in for drag&drop. You need to set dragEnabled="true" on the List that you are dragging from, and dropEnabled="true" on the List you are dragging to. If you are dragging and dropping within the same List, set both properties on the List itself.


          -If you need further control of whats being dragged and dropped (ie: if you're dragging in the same List as you drop items they'll duplicate, so you need to remove the original item) you can hook into the drag handlers to do further cleanup. But its hard to tell exactly what you're doing - so first try enabling drag&drop via the properties mentioned above, and respond back in this forum if you have further questions.


          There are excellent examples in the documentation about enabling drag&drop and doing custom drag&drop within Halo list-based components.



          Deepa Subramaniam

          Flex SDK Engineer

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