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    Problems, Problems, Problems with Premiere CS4


      Is it just me?  I almost hate to say this but this must be the worst program ever.  It constantly crashes and the weird part, it crashes everytime I try to use anything on the help file.  There is no audio when capturing, and maybe it is supposed to be that way, just very hard to capture limited parts of footage.  The biggest problem and hopefully someone can help me here, I cannot get it to capture in HD.  I have tried every setting under the sun and it always converts footage to dv and stretches it out.  The very sad thing is that I have to use iMovie to capture, which captures in HD flawlessly, but then guess what, can't import into premiere, says the file doesn't fit.  WHAT?  All this money and all these problems.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I would start by listing your complete computer specs., including the I/O sub-system (HDD's with full and complete details). It appears that your on a Mac.


          Next, give the full details of you camera.


          Project Presets will be next.


          After that, any and all info on your Assets, i.e. your media. Is it ALL Captured?


          Next, tell us about what you are doing and how you are doing it.


          I'd list all of that first, and then break out each specific problem in the latter part of the post. It makes it simpler for people to pull it apart, and maybe help you with the part that they know.


          Good luck, and welcome to the forum,



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            WillCrash Level 1

            I am on an iMac 24"HD 2.93 Dual Core with 4 gigs ram.  The camera I am using is a Canon HV30.  Obviously I am using firewire 800 - 400 1394.  The only way I can even get CS4 to recognize my camera is to have the camera set on DV.  When it is set to output HDV CS4 won't even find it, yet iMovie picks it right up.  When I am in DV mode it will render but it will not render in widescreen.  All footage I shoot is in widescreen.  I have set the project setting to DV standard, DV wide, 1080 Wide and nothing seems to work.  I spoke with Canon and they told me that they run into this problem time and time again with premiere but there has to be a solution. 

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              Promter Level 1

              Actually my friend Kevin has an HV20 and was complaining about the same exact thing to me yesterday and I told him I would come over and look into it. Hopefully this question get's answered here. Because if you already tried everything under the sun than that means I don't have to!


              And he is on a PC.

              good luck!

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                Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                WillCrash, type "HV30" in the "Search Forums" and in the popup window you will find many threads on HV30 capture problems, many of which come from the 24F mode.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  You have gotten some good comments, on similar problems with that particular camera and that mode.


                  On another note, do you by chance have any version of Apple's iSight installed. There are two, IIRC, and each can cause an error with other cameras, as it wants to only see the camera on the monitor. All others get locked out, until iSight is disabled.


                  If you have no version, or flavor of iSight, please disregard my comments.


                  Good luck,



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                    WillCrash Level 1

                    I do have iSight and according to Apple it cannot be disabled.  That was the first thing that I tried.  Thanks everyone for your help.  Feeling kind of disappointed after spending all this money and then having this problem over and over.

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                      Bob Ramage Level 1

                      I edit extensively using Premiere CS4 on the Mac Pro, with only the occasional crash. When you capture video you ARE also getting audio, but you won't hear it in the capture window unless you change the default capture setting to "preview audio during capture". If Premiere can't see your camera in HDV mode then change Premiere's capture setting from Quicktime to HDV (file/capture/settings/edit/capture format). Output to HDV tape is not available in the Mac version of Premiere, unfortunately. For widescreen DV, if you have set up your render correctly then it will be outputting a widescreen file. It might not appear this way if you attempt to view the rendered file in Quicktime, which for some reason does not recognize the correct aspect ratio of MOV files output by Premiere.

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                        Antinet Level 1

                        I'm using the same camera you are, the Canon HV30, and I did find it another dissapointment to see it not listed in Adobe's camera selections...seriously, Adobe, WAKE UP. This is one of the most sold cameras of the last couple of years.


                        You dont hear audio in iMovie during capture either. That's not an issue. My issue is with a lack of clip auto-detect, and the paucity of filters and transitions vs the PC version, and a lousy file tracking system, and no export to HDV QT, and no on screen preview. That about covers it.

                        Premiere for me has not crashed. Encore, now that's a whole different story. I wish I had really gone through Premiere more so I could have returned it in time. Fortunately, I bought production premium for After Effects, which I really do like and find that mac has no substitute for (but maybe FCP and Shake does what it does as well) and got it at discount from BH so I'm not too screwed, but I so very much wish I had FCP instead, since I really expected Premiere to be far more than it is.


                        Otherwise, I got premiere to recognize my camera, although it seemed to need some turning on and off a couple of times.

                        I'm on a two-year old macintel, so maybe your newer computer is the issue, but bottom line, Adobe releasing software not ready for primetime is the issue, and has been as much confirmed on other video websites than this one.


                        I'm trying to find some way to redeem my experience in Premiere, but I sure dont want to use it to capture, and Encore is a failure, so what am I gonna do, use it to edit in the middle? FCP Express is selling for $149 and has far more effects and transitions than Premiere does and has good capture.. I want batch export, though, and 24P, so I might just bite the bullet and fork over the cash. TIme is money.


                        and to those who say it works on the PC, there are plenty of compaints on that end as well.

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                          WillCrash Level 1

                          Thanks for your comments.  I was also after After Effects, which is really amazing, so I ended up with one of the suites which as you know is not cheap.  I have been very disappointed with Premiere as a whole.  Way too many glitches in the software and when I call Adobe, their answer is check the forums.  Sorry Adobe, not good enough.  I will continue to use AE but it appears that I am going to have to eat the rest and move on to Final Cut.  I have yet to use final cut but I do use Logic Pro for audio and I absolutely love it.  If FC is half of what Logic is, then it has to be a winner.