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    Reader Display problems


      I'm having a problem problem with Reader displaying PDF's. When we try to open a pdf with the screen maximized all we see is the the Reader frame... we can't actually see the documents. If we down size the display area of Reader to something smaller (usually about 70% of max) we can see the PDF properly.


      So far this is happening on 4 different computers 3 of which run Reader 9.1.1 and the last one runs Reader 8. Once it starts it seems to happen on all PDF's.


      any thoughts to the cause?


      Thanks in advance!



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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What OS? Is this happening within a browser or in the Reader application itself. Is this all pdfs or some pdfs?

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            rkerbo Level 1

            Thanks for responding!


            XP... and as a side note the vid cards are NVidia 3700, 3500 & 1700's (depending on the computer)


            It's doing it on all PDF's.... and it does it both in the browser and in the application.




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              I can report similar findings

              XP sp3 and prior

              gfx = nvidia Quadro FX 570M computer resolution set to 1920x1200

              problems with browser and app

              But also that after using and or closing pdfs that my remote desktop connection screens cannot be expanded passed 734pixel wide by 804pixel high without corruption.

              Cannot expand the pdf add window beyond  893w by 871h before corruption occurs and that can drop to ~300x400 if I open multiple documents.

              These pixel values are example as they vary.