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    How to observe an Sprite object's scale and rotation property change?

    superfishkid Level 1

      I am using Flex 3, built a stage(window) and in this window there are some sprite objects. I just want to make the program do something when the scaleX, scaleY, rotation, x, y, properties got changed. Is there a build-in method to do so? I remember there are similar methods or events in Java to be dispatched whenever the Jwindow changes its size. I need such a method.


      Well, those Sprite objects could be moved and rotated. I know that I could listen to those "move" or "rotate" actions and fires events, but what I need is to observe the Sprite's built-in properties/ change. If one of the properties changed, then a certain method is called, I don't care how these properties are changed.


      Hope someone could help me with this problem. Thanks very much.