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    binding image in actionscript question




      Here is my flex code:

                     import mx.binding.utils.*;
                     private var indicatorIcon:Class;
                               //second image here
                     override public function set data(value:Object):void{
                          super.data = value;
                          if(data > 0){
                               BindingUtils.bindSetter(updateIconIndicatorSource, ?, ?);
                                              BindingUtils.bindSetter(updateIconIndicatorSource, ?, ?);
                     private function updateIconIndicatorSource(indicatorIcon:Class){
                          iconIndicator.source = indicatorIcon;
           <mx:Image id="iconIndicator"/>


      My code is to when setter function gets called, it will check for its value and bind the appropriate image to the <image> tag. In the bindSetter, I do not know what should I put in there. In documentation, they only have example of binding textinput property.